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We believe the more you understand about the steps involved in etching process, the smoother the project will run. This page is designed to give you a brief step by step guide of the work involved.

Machinery used: model 635

Step 1- Acquiring the Artwork

The first and most important step is obviously knowing what work you want to be done.
Your artwork can be sent to us either electronically in Photoshop or CAD formats or in a black and white hard copy.

It is vital that the artwork sent to us is the exact requirements of the project.

Step 2- Creating the photo-tool

We then take your original artwork and use a machine to create a positive or negative photo-tool- dependant on which aspects of the artwork need etching.

Step 3- The Start of the Etching Process

We start the process with cleaned metal. This is coated with a photo resist film on both sides. This allows us -if we needed- to photo etch from both sides to obtain individual pieces or just etch one side such as a name plate.

Once the job has been etched we have two options:

Option 1- With highly detailed engineering jobs where there are a number of small pieces, they are then cleaned of the resist film and dried. The project is then ready to be despatched.

Option 2- With signs, they are cleaned of the resist film and dried in the same way as engineering jobs but then filled in the colours requested by the customer, they are then ready to be despatched.